Skydive Philadelphia Skydiving School!


Now that you know that a tandem skydive is only the beginning, you may want to take the step towards being able to jump solo, without an instructor.

Skydive Philadelphia has been training people, just like yourself, to perform and master the art of solo skydiving since 2004! We take pride in our ability to provide the safest and most fun way to skydive in the state of Philadelphia. Our skydiving school is a step above tandem skydiving and will put you on the right track to receive your skydiving certification! Call us today at 215-258-2255 to begin your lifelong dream!

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Learn to skydive near Philadelphia at Skydive Philadelphia’s Above It All Skydiving School; we’ll have you jumping solo in no time. If you’ve done a tandem skydive and are ready to take skydiving to a new level, then any one of these two courses is for you.

For a one-time solo jump, take our Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Category A package. Ground training takes approximately six to eight hours, and after that you will be ready to make your first solo skydive!

For training toward becoming a certified skydiver, take our more advanced 7-jump A-E Category AFF Training Program. Get individualized attention and set learning objectives based on your needs and abilities. After graduating from the program, you will be able to jump solo at any dropzone. This training program will give you the skills to progress to the next step in your skydiving endevor – a skydiving certification.


Our instructors are experienced and qualified, they are excellent at both skydiving and teaching. We have some of the most qualified skydiving staff you’ll find; some holding world record, and competition titles in skydiving. Skydive Philadelphia instructors are certified and come with experience levels ranging from at least 3 years to more than 20 years... trust your solo skydive to the experts. You will get one-on-one instruction, all the briefings will be based on your performance; your entire learning experience will be custom tailored for your needs and progress. If what you want is an exciting experience in a safe and assuring atmosphere, then Skydive Philadelphia gives you that and more!


Q: Is there a weight limit for skydiving?

A: Yes. The weight limit at our facility is 250 lbs for men and 230 lbs for women.

Q: Can I get pictures of my skydive?

A: Yes. Still photos and video packages are available upon request.

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