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You’ve come to the best skydiving center in the Northeast, where we offer the most incredible and comprehensive skydiving adventure that Philadelphia has to offer! Not only are our facilities the largest but so is our staff, and they bring a combined 30 years of skydiving experience with them. The Philadelphia Journal Constitution has said that Skydive Philadelphia is the place to skydive in Philadelphia; come see for yourself! We’ll provide you with a safe environment, state-of-the-art equipment, and a high-spirited staff that lives for the thrill just like you.

Call 215-258-2255 for more information!

Welcome to Skydive Philadelphia. We offer a great skydiving adventure from beginning to end with staff, facilities and equipment that are second to none. This full-feature skydiving center is complete with: indoor/outdoor observation area, a 5,000 sq ft training/packing facility, picnic area, and much, much more.

Whether you are new to the sport or have jumped before, you’re sure to enjoy yourself at this impressive skydiving center. We have tailored skydiving experiences just for you. Call us today for FREE information or use the details below to determine where to begin.

First Skydive: This will be an exciting time of your life. For your first jump we recommend a tandem jump with certified jump masters, it’s the most popular way to dive right into this amazing experience.  Learn more about what to expect on your first skydive.

Skydiving School: If you have already completed a tandem jump, then our professional staff will prepare you for a solo skydive with our Category A AFF course or, become a certified skydiver by completing our 7-jump A-E category AFF dives. Once you’re certified you are free to skydive anywhere in the world. 

Experienced Skydivers: For all experienced skydivers whose love for the sport keep them coming back for more, we offer full use of our skydiving center for you, and your friends and family. Come see why many talented skydivers call Skydive Philadelphia their home.

What YOU Are Saying About Skydive Philadelphia!

We love our customers and this is just a sample of what they think about us!

  • I made my first Tandem Skydive here at Skydive Philadelphia and will never forget it! Tyler was my tandem master and Critter shot my DVD and still photos. Awesome experience all around. I wouldn't jump anywhere else! - Erran Y.
  • It was amazing! Leslie did a great job with the video and Pat was a fun and very professional instructor. Can't wait to do it again...SOON! - Amanda Averill
  • We were very skeptical about jumping at first, even though the safety record is undeniably positive, we did not think that skydiving could be such an enjoyable and safe activity. To say that we were surprised with the day would be an understatement. Our family is still in shock at the experience. We are still feeling the buzz! - Tom G.
  • Insane. -Michael F.

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