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Accelerated Free Fall

Did a tandem skydive and loved it? It's time to take your skydiving journey to the next level by learning to skydive by yourself! Below we'll breakdown our AFF program. here


AFF Class + Category A-C

Class - A 6-7 hour long classroom instruction to give you all the fundamentals and knowledge to be a safe and successful skydiver.

Category A - Acclimation to freefall, proper body position, altitude awareness, heading awareness, parachute deployment


Category B - Controlled freefall turns (90°,180°,360°) and forward movement

Category C - Stable freefall after instructor releases, hover control, solo parachute deployment

AFF Category D1-E2

Category D1 - 

Category D2 - 

Category E1 - 

Category E2 - 

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