Your First Skydive!


What could be more incredible than jumping out of the airplane and freefall at 120 miles per hour while making one of the most powerful forces of nature "gravity" provide you with the best it has to offer? There is nothing like it, come and see why. Come alive with the rush of adrenaline from your first skydive!

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Skydiving offers you the opportunity to rise above the routine existence and live life to its fullest. The Skydive Philadelphia experience is unparalleled in Philadelphia area! At Skydive Philadelphia, you will be accompanied on your first skydive by some of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic skydive professionals! Tandem Skydiving is the #1 choice for fearless adventurers like you.

Prepare your identification documents, bring them with you, and come to the dropzone! Once you arrive at the dropzone, you will go through a 30-45 minute training class that covers the do's and dont's of tandem skydiving. After you have been fully instructed by one of Skydive Philadelphia's certified instructors, you will then board the plane to climb to the altitude for the best experience of your life! We recommend allowing 2-4 hours for the whole experience, as weather delays are not uncommon. If you need more information on what to expect on your big day, give Skydive Philadelphia a call at 215-258-2255, today!

Skydiving in Philadelphia is an exhilarating experience in any season. The gentle warmth of spring, the heat of summer, the crisp cool of the fall, skydive in every season to have the full experience.